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the only band that mutters

Hiya all. I'm new... I'm Per...and also, I'm gettin more and more geeky about the clash. currently reading 'passion is a fashion', very good indeed. I have only got halfway through it, though... yeah, so, was Mick sacked 'cause he turned diva, or was it something else? I'm doing a thing in class 'bout the clash & a couple of other punk bands and I wanna play a song from their punk days. which song do you think's the most hardcore? any help apreciated!
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Clash City Rockers.
Complete Control.
yeh, that's what I had in mind, too. but maybe the lyrics are a bit hard to understand without an explanation... I dunno. But yeah.
I agree with what the person above me says. The Complete Control suggestion, not the Who sounding song (not that I'm dissing anyone's favorite).

Why Mick was sacked is a complex issue. On one hand do you have the drugs and the diva attitude that everyone brings up.

I partially blame it on Bernie. There were probably trust issues between the two already because he had tried to replace Mick with Steve Jones several years before. Also, Bernie was always wanting to out-do Malcom, who at this point was not only managing acts but was also a pop star. With Mick out of the way, Bernie was able to bring in younger push-overs to replace one of the band's creative elements. With Joe being a bit pompous by 1984, Bernie was able to mastermind Cut The Crap. If you'll notice, he gets songwriting credit on several of the tunes, and that God-awful drum machine was his idea.

Basically, several factors and individuals were to blame. Mick was being difficult and wanted to go in a different musical direction than Joe. He was wanting to be so progressive that he reached a point where he refused to play White Riot on stage.

Joe wanted to prove that the band could go on without Mick as the creative element, and Paul was just along for the ride. Bernie, while not the only one to blame, may have been the catalyst of it all and I think he deserves way more blame than he is given.

The first time around, Bernie was a good influene on the band's lyrics, but he ripped them off on the financial end of things (the next time someone tells you that the Clash "sold out", tell them that they didn't turn a profit until 1982). The second time around, Bernie was nothing but a cancer to the group, as he sucked the life out of the band.

Mick would have eventually had a falling out with Joe, but it might not have happened when they were becoming so popular in the States. Off my soapbox now :P.
Whoa, thanks a lot! You've got the skills, man, I'm forever in your debt. Would you explain why Topper got sacked, too? :-H
this'll really help. thanks again.
Topper had drug problems, and so Joe asked him to clean up. This is one of the reasons Joe "disappeared" and went to France. When he came back, Topper either quit or was fired, depending on who you believe. He was replaced by Terry Chimes, who had been with the group before Topper. He could not play all of the styles that the Clash had added since 1977, so Terry did a terrible job in 1982. Thankfully, he was eventually replaced by Pete Howard, who is very underrated.
Thank you very much. as I said, I owe you.
Nah, it's no biggie. I like talking about this kind of thing :P.
So do I. In fact, no one's found and effective way of stopping me yet... anyway, it's nice that people take their time even if it's really nothing important, like my schoolwork.
When was Steve Jones going to possibly replace Mick? (I'm a HUGE Pistols fan)
i think you should use 'white riot' or 'london's burning'
Even '1977' would be good too
Yeah, that's good tips. Thanks